I have recently become a free man following a longer 9 1/2 year stint working for a service company in the oil & gas industry. This job has taken me away from my homecountry and provided me with a lot of stimulating experiences in a very diverse environment. It has also seen me through the development from a fresh-out graduate to an expat family man and husband of a former colleague from a country far far away. However the job deteriorated to a point that something needed to change. I am embarking on a project to develop myself by looking more after my family, which in September 2010 will grow by a second child while travelling and trying to catch up while doing one-year distance course in a new discipline to put me on a broader career path. And because life is what happens while you are pursuing your plans, and you cherish it more when you keep a record, I am starting this blog. I hope you will find it interesting.


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