Time flies when you are having fun

In Thoughts, Treasures on May 3, 2014 at 12:05 am


Wow, I have not been here in a long time. But I suppose between work, building projects, family and other interesting things, blogging, especially when not trying to make a living of it, is maybe not on the top of the list. But at least I think I have something to share that brings me back to the beginning of this blog.

I was looking to share the discovery of freedom while breaking out of a job, that was asking a lot more than its due. Since then, I have taken a university course, the same job again (more or less) and another job with a different focus. And I am noticing a convergence of ideas that have made me a lot happier.

First of all the new job is with a company that does not value more time spent at the desk. Secondly, I got to define the job, the environment, and having designed it as project-based, I even get to shape the content, incl. the option to say no. That has given me a much more diverse workload and time to look at other things, learn and think. I have actually sold the position as having the main strong point that we can afford to focus. And with a lot of other people stuck in fire-fighting and spinning the hamster wheel, this function is not only great to work in, but also appreciated for exactly that capability.

Looking around, I am also noticing that I am not alone with this approach. Daniel Goleman, him of Emotianl Intelligence fame, underlines the importance of focus in his newest book Focus – The Hidden Driver of Excellence, and Greg McKeown tries to teach the same message – less done better is better in his newest book Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. So it seems like I am fully in trend. I also have found some peace in listening to the podcasts made available by Zencast.org.

So it seems like I am finding freedom without the absolute freedom of not having a job, and with salary life also has its extras. I hope that I will manage to explore this whole subject a bit further without becoming too trivial, but if that should happen, please let me know.


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