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In Geek Alert, Treasures on May 16, 2011 at 11:12 pm

So here is another thing, which for some reason I have forgotten to mention so far. Every student, especially when looking to go into German politics 😉 is familiar with the issue of sources, citations and references. I. e. you should show where your ideas come from by means of footnotes and a bibliography at the end of any works.

I remember the days when my dad studied and had an index card box sitting on his desk, where he kept tab of the things he had read, and the citations for those. Now here is another point where I am happy to live these days and not earlier.

For my work, I have discovered a bibliography software called bibus, which lets you define a structure of keywords over several levels and then sort your literature, in different categories with different ways of citation, into that structure. So every piece of literature is entered under a type, such as article, book etc. or up to four customizable ones. The record allow reference to a local file or hyperlink so the source can be directly accessed. It is then filed under one or more of the defined keys, so you have a chance to find it again. The citation format is free definable, but there are a bunch of pre-defined ones already in (think Vancouver).

The software supports direct links to MS Word or OpenOffice.org and lets you place endnotes with the correctly formated reference in the bibliography at the end of the document.

If you need it in footnotes as well, you can do that easily by hand by copying the endnote into the footnote and edit whatever needs to be edited there.

So this has allowed me to comply with the reference guidelines of my uni and also to keep a handle on all the stuff I have picked up electronically and then saved somewhere on my computer. Very handy and highly recommendable.