Charlie’s and my arrival

In Events on September 12, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Charlie portrait

Charlie's official portrait

I think it is time for an update, otherwise I am loosing the plot, and things get forgotten, and the whole idea of blogging my time of freedom becomes pointless.
Travelling through Luanda for the last time, after saying goodbye to the neighbours, the clients and the colleagues and helping the neighbours ransacking my place and what I had left there, was a bit weird. And when you, after finally packing everything into the remaining bags, sit in the car and get to breath for a moment, looking at the city passing by, you start feeling a bit of the freedom.
At the airport, there was a somewhat expected problem, as in I had about 88 kg of luggage and an allowance of 40. Added were after some negotiations 12 kg for my newly obtained Silver status. The bad news was that excess luggage was chargeable at 50 USD/kg, which seemed excessive, but not negotiable. Also there is a maximum of 30 kg per bag, so that I had to loose 1 bottle of Cachaca, 2 bottles of Detol cleaner and a souvenir, that one of my colleagues had given me (in the unlikely event, that you find this, I am sorry, but I kept the Palanca and the stand :-()
So after all negotiations (I got them to waive another 6 kg and paid with the 1500 USD I had left over from my last salary cash advance) I barely had time to get into the lounge, and then failed to call my wife. She had been a bit edgy, because as part of my quest for freedom, I had handed in my mobile phone the last Friday at work, so I was keen to let her know that I was in the air and all was well, but the WiFi network in the lounge was not working. So then I splashed out some more and called her from the sat phone in my seat. This was really an expensive trip.
I arrived in Bangkok as planned and was met by my wife, delighted son and mother in law, this time without any problems at Suvarnabhumi airport.
My wife told me on arrival that we were due for an appointment in the hospital the next morning, and that they would probably not let her go again, as a preliminary exam showed need for action.
So indeed the next day, Aug 31st my second son Charlie arrived 5 days earlier than planned, so that my wife rightly pointed out that she had been right in pushing me to fly earlier than the originally planned Sept. 1st, and I felt justified in my position to drive my negotiations with the company as hard as I had, incl. the ultimate resignation.
After 4 days, we were all release from our suite in the hospital and have been living in Bangkok, trying to find our first son opportunities to socialize (swimming pool. condo playground and an English nursery school twice a week), while nurturing Charlie into a stable and sustainable growth.
On a separate note, I have enrolled at RGU for the intended Oil & Gas Law course, and pending some administrative hiccups, I should be on my way to development in that direction.


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