The End – The Beginning

In Events, Thoughts on August 27, 2010 at 6:11 pm

Australian soldiers demobilizing in Weymouth 1919

Australian soldiers demobilizing in Weymouth 1919

So today was my last day at work. After waiting a little and intervening on a water-with-electricity incident waiting to happen, I met with the personnel manager to hand over my computer and excess electronics. Then I started my farewell round in the operations base. Congratulations abound. At last I submitted my badge to the IT department and left to check-out my house. With every item I returned, I felt lighter. It is what I imagine a soldier feeling like when being demobilized after the end of a war. The old-fashioned ones that have a defined ending, that is. You lay down your arms, you lay down your armour, you say farewell to your comrades, and with every bit you loose, you feel lighter, but a fatigue creeps in, together with the disbelief that you have actually survived. It was not as joyful a feeling as yesterday, when the account manager for my client invited the client support and client engineers for a farewell lunch, with very complimentary speeches and a lot of people trying to say recognizing and nice things.
So what is next?
I will be travelling to Thailand on Sunday to meet my family again and get ready for the birth of my second son. After that I will spend some time having fun with and looking after my family in Thailand and the UK.
In parallel I will commence a distance-learning Oil & Gas Law LLM program for a year. The reason is that from my experience the technical expert role I have had so far has turned out to be something between a dead end and a mambo with one step forward and two steps back. With the law degree, I am hoping to be able to branch out into something that has more strategy but benefits from technical understanding, such as contracts, arbitration, M&A, investments or something along these lines. I hope it will work and be more interesting that spinning the hamster wheel while trying not to fall off, as I have done for most of my career so far.
Whether it will work? I will keep you posted…


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