Let freedom ring

In Thoughts on August 22, 2010 at 9:39 am

So, I have a knack for American politics, because it combines democratic principles with a good bit of showmanship to make it interesting, and a party system, where there is enough room within the parties to disagree with each other.

Now here is the thing I do not understand. How come ┬áthat in the Land of the Free, “Liberal” has become a term with derogatory connotations?

As you can see above, liberal is closely linked with libertas, which means freedom in Latin. And how come that even the dictionaries put this literal meaning below somebody who is disposed towards progress and reform, which at best is a secondary meaning?

I would propose, in the spirit of good faith, to put the freedom back in Liberty and use Liberal in that sense as a compliment. But then who am I to mess with the American language?


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